Go to www.voki.com and create a voki account. Create a voki that tells about a spring break adventure you've had.

You can use the mic option to record your voice, upload an audio file or use the call in feature that is free. To create an audio file go to programs>accessories>sound recorder. Click record button to record your audio then stop it and save and name the file. Pay attention to where you saved it so you can upload it to voki. If you use the mic option at voki you may need to try a different browser if the one you're using doesn't work right. If you can't record your voice then as a last option use the text to speech by writing it out and having the robo voice read it so you can do the embedding portion.

Publish your voki and then copy the embed code from the voki site and click on the edit button in the top right corner of this wiki page.

Type your name on the page below and then click on the Widget button in the toolbar at the top of the wiki edit page. Select other HTML from the list (last on in the list) and paste the embed code in the box that you copied from the voki site and then click save button.

You will see a box labeled Other widget on the wiki page. Click the save button on the toolbar at the top of the edit wiki page and then you will see your voki load into the wiki page. Test it to make sure it plays.

Jennifer Dave Thea Jennifer H.

Corey Jane Rhonda Sarah
Cindy Deb Deb 2 Kelly