Spring break destination Grp 3

Your task is to find and upload 2 creative commons pictures to this page that show a spring break destination that you would like to visit.

Go to this livebinder click on Images to find some CC search engines or go to ookaboo , wikimedia commons , flickr or google perform a search. If using flickr or google then go to the advanced search window (in google it's under the gear icon that appears once you do a search ) to limit search to CC content. Download the picture using the download link or right click the picture and choose "save picture as" or "save target as". Pay attention to where you downloaded it so you can find it to upload it.Minimize the window of the image site so you can return to it to copy the attribution and url.
Choose 2 different sites to grab picture from so you can see and experience the differences between sites.

Click on the Edit button for the wiki page.
You are now in edit mode. Type the name of the location of the picture then click on the file button from the toolbar at the top of the page.
If you downloaded a picture click Upload button and navigate to select the picture. If you are linking to a picture from the Internet select External Image and paste the URL of the picture into the box. It can't be a webpage..the url must end in jpg.
Once you see the preview of the picture, click on the picture and it will automatically insert into the page where your cursor was placed.
Make sure to copy and paste the author's name or the attribution link from the website as the caption.
Once the picture is uploaded click on it and resize to about a 3 x 5 size by using the + or - buttons.
Highlight the location name you typed on the page and make it a hyperlink back to the original image/web by clicking on link button from toolbar, click on Web address link and paste in the URL. Make sure you put a checkmark in "Open in new page."

[Santa Croce]
[Santa Croce]

Fla gulf coast